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In a few days time, my husband and I are heading away for just over a week… without the kids.  It’s the first time we’ll both be leaving them for more than a night or two and it’s already got me feeling a bit nervy.  The kids know we’re going, but typical kids they don’t really ‘get it’ until you’re kissing them goodbye and bolting to the door with a suitcase.

I think there’ll be tears.

Pre-kids me would have been busting to get the bags packed.  Before babies, I travelled a lot for work and holidays.  Those were some good days!  I’ve always enjoyed seeing new sights and meeting new people, soaking up the scene wherever I landed.

But things have changed now.  As their main carer, my little people like things done the way I do them.  They love their mummy cuddles and it’s me they search for when they’re upset or sad.

On the positive side, I am loving that my baggage allowance will be ALL mine (no more nappies, sleeping bags, breast pumps, bottles and favourite toys) and that leaving a 4 and 5 year old is so very much easier than leaving them when they’re babies.  Just exiting the house for an afternoon with a breastfed bub was a logistical exercise.


Empty suitcase The Baby Consultant

Mine.  Mine. All Mine.



But those days don’t feel so long ago and I wonder where the time has gone. (sob, sob).  Thank goodness for Skype and FaceTime so I can see my little people while I’m on the road.

In the meantime I’m getting my fix of fabulous design, food and lifestyle blogs like this and this and this (delicious).  I’ve promised myself some time away from work to reflect on a very busy and challenging year.   But, I’m sure I’ll manage a few travelling pics on Instagram.

Wish me luck for my farewell and see you on the other side.



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