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Image:  This gorgeous nursery is from Olli Ella.


Ready to start thinking about your baby’s first bedroom and want to design something really special?  Lucky you!  Parents-to-be are spoiled for choice and have so many options.   But which style to choose? Check out these three designs to give you some ideas and get you started (+ see your nursery planning top tips at the bottom):

1.  Traditional Nursery

A beautiful traditional look with lots of white (helpful if you don’t know the gender of your bub), your cot will be the statement piece.  Keep it simple with a wooden slat style or choose a sleigh design for extra oomph.

serena and lily nursery trad

 Image:  Serena and Lily Nursery from


Incy Interiors has a gorgeous range of cots to choose from, including this traditional with turned rails. $1099.

incy georgia cot

 Incy Interiors Georgia Cot


2.  Scandinavian Nursery

One of the most popular choices today is the Scandinavian style that provides a soft timber look.  I love both the Stokke Sleepi cot  (shown below) plus the Leander cot (around $1600)  They don’t only look good, they convert to match your baby’s development.  Clever multi-tasking as your baby grows.

stokke cot

Image via Pinterest 


3.  Modern Nursery

Modern with pops of colour and pattern create a lively nursery.  I love the chevron mat (chevron has been everywhere in recent nursery design), this nursery uses space well, with the dresser topper change mat and shelving for books.  It would be super easy to change bits and pieces as your baby grows.

modern nursery project nursery

Image:  Modern Nursery via Project Nursery


Wow!  This is really something.  I’m not sure it’s the most relaxing of colours for the nursery, though I’m no colour psychology expert!  I am totally in love with the Poppy illuminated sign though.  Thoughts on bright pink for a nursery?


How much space are you working with?

Nursery furniture can be bulky. The basics alone = change table, cot, dresser + toy storage can have a large footprint, so you need to make sure your choices will fit your space and the layout will be functional. For a small room, you can look at space savers like a change table topper which sits on the dresser. Look for under cot storage and remember that sometimes your nursery might also be your pram parking spot when you return from your walk – so leave some space.

Planning for more babies?

Is this furniture going to be used for more than one bub? If it is you can invest a bit more $$$ into your purchases. You’d be surprised how much the modern, designer cots cost, but considering they convert to toddler beds you could be using it for up 10 years (3 kids, 3 years each in the cot)!

Get some Inspiration

Use Pinterest, Blogs and Instagram to look for your favourite styles… but remember that lots of the dreamy nurseries you see aren’t actually safe.  See my notes below and remember that it’s SIDS recommended your baby sleep in your room with you for the first 6-12 months.

Do you have a budget?

If you’re on a budget keep it simple and add extra touches in the décor, a quality blanket or fun prints from sites like Little Rosie and Me, Down That Little Lane or Etsy. Don’t be down if you’re budgeting… the silver lining is as your tastes change you can change up the style too.

So much choice!  What’s your favourite so far?  I am LOVING the Scandinavian look right now…

Please Remember The nurseries and images shown often have extra bits and pieces included in the cots to ‘style them up’.  It’s safest not to include cot bumpers, ties, or anything hanging near the cots as this can be a potential choking/strangulation hazard.  Always refer to the safety recommendation from SIDS and kids here when designing a safe nursery.  xx BC





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